Are You Prepared for the Future of Food Tourism?

Are You Prepared for the Future of Food Tourism?

Here are 5 Tips You Can Use to Get Ready for the Future

Looking into the crystal ball to predict the future is harder than ever these days. The world’s tourism landscape has changed. Cities like Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam are oversold and new visitors to these destinations complain about the crowds, traffic and high prices. Europe is in disarray now, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants altering European cultures, perhaps forever. Brexit puts the UK in a category all its own, although a weak pound may bode well for now for inbound tourism there. A super strong U.S. dollar and a xenophobic tourism strategy don’t bode well for inbound travelers into the USA anytime soon. This will likely mean that the USA’s tourism growth, at least in the short term, will have to come more from domestic travelers. China’s overheated economy is cooling off and while the Chinese are still traveling, right now they’re not spending like they used to.

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