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Tales from the Road: Kauai

Just posted! Read our Tales from the Road – Kauai on Medium. Tales from the Road has evolved – more than a travelogue, it’s now a mini experience assessment based on our Association’s in-depth experience assessment methodology. See what we thought of the food and drink on our recent trip to Kauai. #Hawaii...

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Are You Prepared for the Future of Food Tourism?

Here are 5 Tips You Can Use to Get Ready for the Future Looking into the crystal ball to predict the future is harder than ever these days. The world’s tourism landscape has changed. Cities like Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam are oversold and new visitors to these destinations complain about the crowds, traffic and high prices. Europe is in disarray now, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants altering European cultures, perhaps forever. Brexit puts the UK in a category all its own, although a weak pound may bode well for now for inbound tourism there. A super strong U.S....

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Time to Reconsider Brand Loyalty in the Travel Industry

And Why It Might Be Worth Your Time & Money to Do So As customers, why do we continue to spend money with companies that create constant hardships for us? I never used to name company names, but as a “person of influence” in the travel industry, it’s time that I start wielding that influence. So here it goes. I transferred my “loyalty” to American Airlines this year from another carrier. The plan was to test out American to see if it would be a suitable company for me to invest my time, money and loyalty. So in a way, last January began a year-long interview process to see if the company was up to snuff to earn my business. After just 9 months, I had already concluded that aligning with this airline would be a serious mistake. Still, I was committed on several flights through November. So here I sit in O’Hare on an 10-hour layover (it was supposed to be a 6-hour layover but my flight was delayed 4 hours). That’s fine. I’m just biding my time thinking about the sea change that needs to happen in the travel industry. And I’m certainly doing my share to help bring about change. AMERICAN AIRLINES Truthfully, I’ve been gobsmacked at how unprofessional, uncaring and nonchalant American Airlines is. Coming over from one of their major competitors, and being enrolled...

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Let Me Whitewash That For You

Why an Overhaul of Online Reviews is Desperately Needed   There is no denying that review websites are part of our travel planning process today. No matter whether travelers use Trip Advisor for hotels and attractions, Yelp for restaurants, or any of a number of other online resources for everything in-between. It is a documented fact that travelers consult online review websites for an indication whether something would be worth the time and cost. Sadly, these websites give travelers and other consumers only part of the picture, and travelers are many times making their important holiday decisions based on...

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Tales from the Road: Poland

The next big thing in food travel is how secondary and tertiary destinations like Poland are poised to skyrocket in popularity. What’s the next big thing in food travel? For the new food traveler, nothing quite scratches the itch better than your first trip to France, Italy or Spain. But after the second, third or fourth trip to these countries, foodies start to yearn for new and different. The occasional business trips to London, Singapore and New York give us some opportunity to try new food and beverage experiences, but typically trips like that are made for business reasons and...

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