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Sally Berry Counsels in Tourism Development

Career tourism professional Sally Berry has just launched a website to help professionals and companies to develop their local assets as attractions for visitors. Sally interviewed us about food tourism and posted an article on her blog.  Many of you reading this may know Sally and how knowledgeable she is. For those who don’t, why not take a moment to check out her blog and get her e-book. She’s been in tourism her entire career and is a highly respected industry professional. She also offers a free resource “25 Tourism Industry Terms” that might shed some light on confusing...

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Are You Prepared for the Future of Food Tourism?

Here are 5 Tips You Can Use to Get Ready for the Future Looking into the crystal ball to predict the future is harder than ever these days. The world’s tourism landscape has changed. Cities like Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam are oversold and new visitors to these destinations complain about the crowds, traffic and high prices. Europe is in disarray now, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants altering European cultures, perhaps forever. Brexit puts the UK in a category all its own, although a weak pound may bode well for now for inbound tourism there. A super strong U.S....

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Demystifying Food & Culture

What do Food and Culture Barriers Have In Common?” BBC Newscaster Adnan Nawaz will speak at Food Trekking World in April It is interesting in our world of conflict, if you put us together in a room with good food and drink, the dynamics that play out could ensue over the next hour will change our lives. Think about it. We all need to eat and we all love good food. Some of the best conversations and friendships have started over food. Economically, we import and export food products from all regions to help us create some of the...

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New Benefit Announced for 2017 FoodTrekking Awards Winners

Just announced! Winners of this year’s FoodTrekking Awards will now be offered full or partial discounts to attend FoodTrekking World and the FoodTrekking Awards ceremony, which will take place during FoodTrekking World. The awards will be awarded as follows: First Place Winner (each category) – 100% discount on registration for FoodTrekking World Second Place Winners (each category) – 50% discount on registration for FoodTrekking World With total categories, a total of 13 free registrations and 13 discounted registrations will be awarded. FoodTrekking World is the new name of the former World Food Travel Summit and is produced by the...

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Future of Food Trend Report

CatchOn Communications in Hong Kong is proud to present its third annual ‘Future of Food’ trend report. The report explores many of the changes now taking place in the culinary world. Topics covered range from the role of chefs and food waste, to the impact of food bloggers on the culture. The third edition of The Future of Food is the company’s way of sharing their interest in the growing global discourse about food and food culture. You can download your copy of the report directly from the company’s website...

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