Can a Restaurant Be A Successful Tourist Spot Off the Beaten Path?

Finding a great food and beverage experience off the beaten path can often lead to some very interesting spots for tourists. But, are they visited enough by tourists, and balanced with the locals to make the business a success? After years of traveling, I tend to venture away from the beaten path to get my foodie groove on. From a hole in the wall for great barbecue, to fine dining under a waterfall, the food tourism business is not afraid to draw a new path for tourists.

In the case of Patit Creek Restaurant, a 4-Star dining experience in Dayton, Washington, population under 2,600, people fly in just to eat the food. Open only a few days a week, there is usually a two week wait for reservations. Owners Heather and Bruce Heibert have built a reputation in the Pacific Northwest for wonderful french cuisine in an intimate setting.

Host of the Food Network, Chase Ramsey, and World Food Travel Association Executive Director Erik Wolf will discuss the Road Less Traveled in Food Tourism. Chase shares why he is excited to be speaking at FoodTrekking World.

Submitted by Jackie Sharpe, Jackie Sharpe Images