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Let Me Whitewash That For You

Why an Overhaul of Online Reviews is Desperately Needed   There is no denying that review websites are part of our travel planning process today. No matter whether travelers use Trip Advisor for hotels and attractions, Yelp for restaurants, or any of a number of other online resources for everything in-between. It is a documented fact that travelers consult online review websites for an indication whether something would be worth the time and cost. Sadly, these websites give travelers and other consumers only part of the picture, and travelers are many times making their important holiday decisions based on...

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Tales From the Road: The Future of Lodging

The bottom line is that large hotel corporations are in a state of self-preservation. They’re like an animal threatened in the wild. They may be building more hotels because they are really needed, or they may actually be trying to continually innovate with new properties in order to stay relevant. The peer to peer trend will continue to give standalone hotels a run for their money for the foreseeable future. My usual home (hotel) away from home in London had finally priced itself out of my reach. I just cannot justify the prices being charged by many hotels these...

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