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Next Big Thing in Food Tourism Tech

There is no doubt that food travel and tourism is on the rise. As food and beverage enthusiasts from around the world plan and book their next experience, most turn to the web and their mobile devices to search and book their holidays. Stephen Joyce, CEO of the Vancouver, BC-based Rezgo.com, will take a deeper look at the tech (technologies) that are playing an increasing role in influencing the behavior of these travelers and what might be in store in the future. Preview what he has to say...

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Are You Prepared for the Future of Food Tourism?

Here are 5 Tips You Can Use to Get Ready for the Future Looking into the crystal ball to predict the future is harder than ever these days. The world’s tourism landscape has changed. Cities like Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam are oversold and new visitors to these destinations complain about the crowds, traffic and high prices. Europe is in disarray now, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants altering European cultures, perhaps forever. Brexit puts the UK in a category all its own, although a weak pound may bode well for now for inbound tourism there. A super strong U.S....

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