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Are You Prepared for the Future of Food Tourism?

Here are 5 Tips You Can Use to Get Ready for the Future Looking into the crystal ball to predict the future is harder than ever these days. The world’s tourism landscape has changed. Cities like Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam are oversold and new visitors to these destinations complain about the crowds, traffic and high prices. Europe is in disarray now, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants altering European cultures, perhaps forever. Brexit puts the UK in a category all its own, although a weak pound may bode well for now for inbound tourism there. A super strong U.S....

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Major Certified Culinary Travel Professional [CCTP] Program Update

One of the Association’s oldest products, and undoubtedly its most popular one, the Certified Culinary Travel Professional program, has just gone through a major overhaul. The content of the program is updated annually anyway, and 2016 saw a brand new look and a fresh new approach to the program. The newest updates include: Completely rewritten content New examples, case studies, diagrams, concepts, photos, illustrations, tips and more New higher quality audio and HD video recordings One fewer module (3 total modules now), but the same course duration. New lower price! Enabling more people to be able to enroll, and students...

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New Accelerators for Food Tourism and Specialty Food Businesses

Business Readiness Accelerators in Portland June 19-21 and July 17-19, 2016 Our industry has needed it for a long time and it is finally here! Business readiness training for food, beverage, travel and hospitality professionals. The training is three intensive days of detailed hands-on, cutting edge information, presented by several experts in our industry. Many of us don’t have the time or money for a college course or a degree program, and one-hour webinars never go deep enough. With our Business Readiness Training, just three fast-paced days will take you and your business to the next level, and save you...

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    With 8 great speakers sharing 24 new and actionable ideas for you and your business, as well as up to 30 pre-scheduled business appointments with other delegates.

    April 2-4, 2017!

    In foodie mecca Portland, Oregon