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New Advisors Named

  World Food Travel Association names eleven advisors to new board International industry professionals commit to advancing the world’s food tourism industry   PORTLAND, Ore. (March 27, 2017) – The World Food Travel Association (WFTA), the world’s leading authority on food and beverage tourism, is creating a new Board of Advisors to help advance the Association, as well the food and beverage tourism industry on a worldwide level.   So far, eleven professionals have joined the Board of Advisors. “We hope to eventually grow our advisory board to 40 professionals representing 20 industry sectors, and from all continents,” said Erik...

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2016 Annual Report

  2016 YEAR IN REVIEW & LOOK AHEAD ANNUAL REPORT OF THE WORLD FOOD TRAVEL ASSOCIATION It has been an action-packed journey as we prepare to enter our 14th year of operations. No one can really predict how an organization will grow, and we are grateful that we continue to find success in the leadership and advancement of our industry.  We would not be able to grow without your continued support, for which we are grateful. Please accept our thanks. We have not published an annual report for nearly 10 years. We are a small organization and as the...

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Coffee Around The World

Coffee Around The World: Explore a Collision of Taste and Places By Rudy Caretti What is the taste of coffee in India, Ethiopia, or Mexico? Is it different from its taste in America or UK? To many, coffee is just coffee. However, not until you visit different countries and taste their native cup of coffee. That is when you notice what you order as cappuccino or mocha in your town is not just called differently, but also, tastes completely uniquely in another part of the continent. What’s more, different countries in different continents have distinct coffee drinking cultures. Let’s...

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Tales From the Road: The Future of Lodging

The bottom line is that large hotel corporations are in a state of self-preservation. They’re like an animal threatened in the wild. They may be building more hotels because they are really needed, or they may actually be trying to continually innovate with new properties in order to stay relevant. The peer to peer trend will continue to give standalone hotels a run for their money for the foreseeable future. My usual home (hotel) away from home in London had finally priced itself out of my reach. I just cannot justify the prices being charged by many hotels these...

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How Airports Can Make or Break A Foodie Holiday

Before you’re a food or wine traveler, you’re just a traveler. The airport experiences we have on the way to our next great food or beverage-inspired holiday can make or break our entire holiday-making experience. In my role, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to travel to many places, meet many people and enjoy many unique and memorable meals. After a while, you notice a few things, especially when you frequent the same destinations. I had a dreadful experience at the Vancouver Canada airport recently and it got me thinking. What happens if visitors become so aggravated before...

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