We want you to make the most out of your time at FoodTrekking World in Portland so we compiled a Top 10 list of Foodie Things to do in Portland for your enjoyment:

#1: Burger with Bacon Jam at Tabor Tavern

A very short bus or Lyft ride to the east side welcomes you to the Mt. Tabor neighborhood and our favorite burger in Portland! This burger is incredibly juicy and served on a toasted brioche bun of course! But what sets it apart is the bacon jam. OMG. And you can also purchase small jars to bring home with you as gifts.  If you don’t eat red meat, the fish and chips are also amazing, and there are plenty of vegetarian options that will please as well!  The brussels sprouts are to die for (and have converted many a non-lover), but if you’re a vegetarian, just order them without the bacon.

#2: A Glass of Pinot Noir at Oregon Wines on Broadway

Oregon Wines on Broadway is located in the downtown corridor just a couple of short blocks from the Sentinel Hotel, where FoodTrekking World takes place. Choose from dozens of Oregon wines “on tap”. The wine bar also sells wines by the bottle to take home with you. Don’t forget Alaska Airlines will transport a case of wine for you at no charge!

#3: Grab a Pint of Your Favorite Flavor at Fifty Licks

In the UK, grab a pint means of beer or ale. In Portland, it could also be about beer, but in this case, it’s about ice cream. Portland’s ice cream scene has exploded in recent years. Our favorite is Fifty Licks, also on the east side and a 5-10 minute Lyft ride from downtown. Check out the flavors. Ours is a seasonal bourbon peach, which you can only get in the summertime.

#4 Grab a Pint of Your Other Favorite Flavor at Commons Brewery

Commons is known for non-hoppy hears. If you’re not an IPA fan, Commons is for you. They always have a wide variety on top and feature their takes on European staples like a saison. If you’re feeling adventurous, walk 5 minutes down to Cascade Barrel House to try a sour beer. Our favorites are any of the sour cherry flavors.

#5 Nosh on a Killer Meatball Sub Sandwich at Bunk Sandwiches

Our favorite is the meatball sub, but you really can’t go wrong. Seating is scarce, but visit the location on Water Avenue for the best chance a place to sit. Note: Water Avenue Coffee is located right next to this location of Bunk Sandwiches to eat first and get something to wash it down with next door afterwards.

#6 Get Your Caffeine Fix at Barista

It’s hard to get a bad cup of coffee in Portland, but it can happen. For a sure thing, visit Barista. Anything you order will be great. Other sure bets include Coava, Heart, Water Avenue, Portland Roasting and Upper Left. If you’re a tea lover, we love the Japanese-themed Behind the Museum Café (not the café in the Portland Art Museum, it’s across the street from it with a similar name), and coincidentally they also serve outstanding local coffee from Extracto (buy a bag or four to take home with you).

#7 Get Shocked at Voodoo Donuts

Voodoo became famous for their crazy combinations like a strip of bacon on a maple donut or fruit loops on a cake donut. They’re also famous for some, shall we say, rather unconventional donut shapes. What do we mean? Hint: think about body parts, both male and female. They may not be the tastiest donuts in town, but photo opportunities abound. Be sure to bring a pink box home with you on the plane.

#8 Make Your Pilgrimage to the Food Carts at 10th & Alder

In Portland, we say food carts, not food trucks. Be sure to say “food trucks” if you want to give yourself away as a tourist! This pod measuring one and a half city blocks is considered the epicenter of Portland’s food cart scene. Be sure to go now, however, as the block is slated for development. Yes, they’re going to build another big building and wipe out another piece of Portland’s culinary culture. The good news is that the carts will still be open during your visit. Our favorite? There are many but Nong’s Khao Man Gai is always a crowd pleaser.

#9 Do a Little Local Food Shopping at New Seasons Market

The one on Hawthorne Boulevard will do. It’s a one stop shop for many of our region’s best products – you know, staples like Theo Chocolate from Seattle. And while you’re at it, walk just a couple more blocks down the street to Mt. Tabor Fine Wines. No matter your budget, they’ll help you find the perfect bottle of wines from our region.

#10 Brunch at Mother’s Bistro …. Early!

Mother’s is a Portland institution. Everything is made from scratch – the sauces, the breads, the desserts, you name it. The food is delicious and prices fair. But if you arrive after 10:00 am on the weekend, forget it, as you’ll find a two-hour wait. Be sure to say hi to the owner Lisa Schroeder, who will explain her “made with love” philosophy that you’ll taste with every bite. A good alternative would be Pine State Biscuits. We prefer the original location on Alberta Street (there will also be a wait, but not as long as Mother’s).